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Exclusive Products

Catharsis Cables exclusively for you

Our ompany dedicated 8 years to searching for a perfect conductor and high-technology design of cables. We concentrated our best achievements and know-how in the product line, uncompromising in terms of quality, called Catharsis. It is intended for true music lovers who are experts in high audio technologies.

Our competitive advantage is that we continuously and regularly ask our loyal customers to give their opinion on the product quality. Dear customers, we highly appreciate your assistance and attention to our products. That is why we would like to answer some of our loyal customers questions. This will help understand why Catharsis cables are exclusively for you.

Question 1: In the production of any materials, used in audio industry, annealing is an obligatory activity. What role does it play in your production?

Klinaev Vitaly Cables: When producing Catharsis conductors, special attention is paid to annealing. Via trial and error we learned that the maximum result is achieved when five annealing grades are applied at various production stages. That is the shot of the proprietary technology.

Question 2: If you work with the annealed materials then how do you cope with the fact that they are prone to highly undesirable dropout of various inclusions and impurities on crystal boundaries?

Klinaev Vitaly Cables: We aim at using conductors materials with more than 99.9999% purity in our production. This allows us to avoid various inclusions dropout as a long-crystal structure has no crystal boundaries and, as a consequence, no inclusions.

Question 3: You mention that the Catharsis cable line is also subject to cryogenic treatment. What is the necessity for it?

Klinaev Vitaly Cables: I would like to clarify that cold treatment, widely known as cryogenic treatment, involves metals cooling to low and ultralow temperatures -40...-196. The cryogenic treatment ensures mechanical and electrical properties improvement. Liquid nitrogen (-196) is conventionally used as a cryogenic agent. Polishing of metals with a special water-based composition under high pressure gives an opportunity to obtain a perfect surface on a micron level. We fall back on this for the sake of improving the quality of the surface of the conductor subject to polishing. This allows us to eliminate soft and viscous areas in the outer layer structure. These areas impede generation of uniform mirror surface.

Question 4: When testing Catharsis I noticed that the sound suddenly becomes louder and the bandwidth becomes greater. How does this work?

Klinaev Vitaly Cables: I would like to remind of a theoretical part Maxwell theory. According to the theory the source transfers energy to electromagnetic wave in which the energy remains until it is transferred to the receiver which absorbs the wave. Energy conservation law is followed at each step. To conserve the signal energy not losing it on the way from the source to the consumer, we apply conductors accumulating electromagnetic energy.

It is known that to obtain the effect of live performance we require signal transmission high rate. But, as you know, when the rate is increasing tonal balance changes. Accordingly, it is perceived by a listener as more accurate bass and the point of impact is well focused but its depth and extent disappears!

The conductors, used in the Catharsis line, were designed to accumulate music energy and to give it up quickly. We aimed at simultaneous concentrating of all the music bandwidth in the final spot.

Due to peculiar geometry and innovative treatment technology signal density is increased that implicitly gives more body images while reproduction. As a result, the sounding becomes three-dimensional (3D) not only due to sharp outline of virtual image, but also due to the sense of completeness and extent of the musical event.

Catharsis power cord (probably the most energy-consuming) also accumulates energy in impulses, helps power supply unit cope with load more efficiently and unlock other cascades potential. The cable is a kind of a buffer, accumulator which, if required, can be always used though for a short time. The fact is that music becomes louder, we fixed increase up to 30 %, and the frequency range is extnded.


Confession is a sound from future

The following process innovations were applied in the Confession line:

  • conductors of supersophisticated fractal geometry
  • split-level cryogenic treatment
  • super ionics
  • electrically conducting polymers
  • bimetallic compounds

Confession are cables of conceptual development. State-of-the-art technologies were tested and applied in their production.

We apply these modern technologies of treatment for production of the unique sample of the cable. It is much more costly than serial production but this is a harmonic combination of quality and price. The Confession line is a good example of our company progress and growth. When automation had started to be used and production processes had been simplified we started to extend these technologies to other lines.

Can you imagine what it feels when your senses are totally absorbed by the music event, when you listen to music and feel it with your whole body? Klinaev Vitaly cables sound very rich and transparent and strike by the naturalness of the musical content presentation. Vocal impresses by its individuality. Percussion staggers by the variety of overtones and aftersounds. The sounding becomes louder than usual; the bass is quick, deep, corporal and taut, with a good infra (ultralow frequencies). Lot of air, echelon scene, marvellous musicality and immersiveness. Music is always perceived as a whole, notwithstanding a great number of details.

With every next line of cables music is perceived ever more absorbingly and harmoniously. If you only once try the top line this day will completely change your opinion on cables as on system passive components and will give you an opportunity to travel to the times of authentic pressing. Klinaev Vitaly cables are capable of incredibly true-to-life reproduction of any genre musical content.